Roof System Design

In the last 15 years we have witnessed remarkable advancements in roofing system technology. These changes have been driven by several factors:

  1. The use of increased insulation values has resulted in higher stresses on the roofing membrane. Traditional built up systems do not react well to the demands due to their low elongation and recovery characteristics, thus creating a need for more flexible membrane systems.
  2. The requirement for higher thermal resistance has led to the use of high efficiency but less stable foam core insulation, necessitating a more flexible membrane system.
    Environmental concerns have led to the development of "green" roofing systems.
  3. Liability concerns from property damage, personal injury and workers compensation have resulted in systems that are safer to apply.
  4. The recruitment of a more highly educated work force to the roofing industry is enhanced by the newer high technology roofing systems.
  5. We are constantly keeping in step with the latest in roofing technology development. This gives us the unique flexibility of choosing the optimum solution for any roofing problem.

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